TRON [TRX] Lambo and listing announcements continues: Price still tumbles

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TRON [TRX] Lambo and listing announcements continues: Price still tumbles

TRON [TRX] foundation launched two recent updates including BitForex trades for this deposits and the second one concerned with speed of TRON network. In the recent past, all TRX tokens of BitForex had finished the main network migration.

People expected that there will be a price rise post MainNet launch. April was a bullish month for Tron– the price increased by 260%. Since then it just went down until recently, the cryptocurrency saw a slight positive spike on June 18, which brought the TRX price up from $0.041 to $0.051 USD.

Team Tronics uploaded a video on Twitter which explains how fast the transactions are being carried out. It explains that the transactions are carried out in seconds time that indicates the website is user-friendly and fast at the same time.

This current market cap value is 2.3 billion with a price of $0.035. But in the past 24 hours, TRON saw a fall of 7.41%.

Recently Binance conducted the Tron trading competition that took place from June 29 at 00:00 am, to July 7 at 00:00 am (UTC). Reportedly ranks were given to the users in terms of the total TRX volume traded on their Binance account. It buys both includes and sells, across all of this trading pairs during the period of competition. According to the Binance official website the special prize is 2,000,000 , the top trader will be awarded 2,000,000 TRX. After the news breakout TRX When Binance will resume trading of TRON [was trending positively in the market.Crypto investors are feeling skeptical about the current scenario and some of them are still questioning TRX


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